The holiday season means preparing yourself and your home for festivities and social gatherings. Also, if you have a cat at home, the already busy days can get more stressful. Getting through these days can be challenging, especially if your grumpy cat hates family get-togethers, extra noises, and unfamiliar faces.

Between decking up your home, whipping delicious dishes, greeting guests, and having fun, many things can easily make their way onto your furball’s radar during the holidays. You can’t rule out accidents, injuries, toxic ingestion, and other health emergencies when you have a bouncy cat actively exploring every nook and corner of the house with none to supervise.

Cat insurance helps provide your furball with timely medical care during such times and other unexpected events through the holidays. If you haven’t bought a policy yet, you can start by exploring cheap pet insurance policies readily available online. Meanwhile, here are some tips for you to help your furball navigate through this busy season safely.

1.Private den

Not all cats love to party. So be sensitive to your cat’s tendencies and set up a temporary cat haven to help them stay away from the crowd and chaos. You can close off the upstairs level of your home where your cat can spend time peacefully or allow your cat to use your bedroom until the party’s over.

2.Keep food away

You can hide the food from your cat but not the aroma. Suppose your cat walks up to you asking for a few bites of the delicacies cooking in the kitchen; give them only safe food items in calculated portions to avoid gastrointestinal troubles. For instance, don’t offer turkey skin, bones, and gravy; instead, toss a few bite-sized pieces of plain cooked turkey into your furball’s dish.

3.Beware of plants

Your cat can spend an entire afternoon nibbling on the greens inside the house. However, many holiday varieties are poisonous for cats, so make sure your furball only watches them but does not eat them. For example, poinsettias, holly bows, evergreen trees, and lilies are toxic to cats; hence it is best your furball doesn’t interact with them.

4.Tasty treats

Avoid feeding your cat table scraps and human food that can be potentially poisonous to its health. You should clean up after meals and instruct the guests not to slip your furball a treat. Alternatively, you can buy tasty treats made for cats and offer them one or two when they beg you for some. Canned pumpkin, carrots, beans, and peas are also good choices for snacks.

Protecting your furball from holiday hazards is a tough job but not impossible. You can assign one person in the family the task of watching your cat. Also, family members can take this responsibility in rounds, so everybody gets a turn to keep an eye on your cat without getting exhausted.

Even with the utmost care taken, many times, cats can get into deep trouble during a few missed moments. It is one of the reasons why you must consider being financially prepared with cat insurance. Cheap pet insurance policies help provide your furball superior medical care during unexpected health situations and medical emergencies. So, why not buy a policy if you don’t have one already?

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