If you love to play PC Engine CD games, then you are impeccably situated. That is on the grounds that I will illuminate you concerning probably the best PC engine CD games that are amazing ever. Moreover, those games will give you the most thrilling PC gaming experience that you have any time had.

Best PC Engine CD Games

These are the best PC engine CD games that you should play:

Leaders of Thunder

It is an entrancing and invigorating PC game. As of now, it is a fantasy experience game. In this game, you need to partake in a battle with others and explore the world. In any case, you will need to expect the piece of an enthusiastically protectively covered legend. You will need to use heaps of cool weapons to partake in a face and conflict with your foes. All the while, you will get the amazing chance to assemble jewels that you can use to update your weapons covers, and you can fabricate your fortitude. Additionally, you can search for various things that will help you in the game. It has extraordinary plans and characters close by exceptional weapons also.


It is another splendid vertical shooter game with an unbelievable Greek breeze on it. As of now, the bright game lights on Sylphia, who is amazing. That is on the grounds that you will need to control a titan-like resilient individual that has various intense weapons that rely upon four praiseworthy parts like water, air, earth, and release. At the same time, she furthermore has many sub-weapons like turning rock defends and homing shots. As of now, the story is based on Sylphia, who reliably endeavors to guarantee her nation, and she wants to fight with monsters, winged snakes, and various adversaries to save her town. By and by, the game has heaps of good characters, incredible delineations, and extraordinary intelligence.


It is inspiring information to experience sweethearts, especially the people who loved the Terminator film and its story. That is on the grounds that the game was energized by that film. As of now, the game’s account is really surprising, and I esteem it. The course of occasions is set later on and based on a criminal specialist who has been consigned to notice mechanical living things called “snatchers.” The clarification is to find and kill them since those robots are killing people, which is a basic risk to humankind. Thusly, the legend needs to find all of the robots and kill them. Isn’t that story novel! Furthermore, this current game’s continuous collaboration and plans are wonderful also.


This is great and one of the most, indeed, astounding that has been conveyed for PC engines. That is on the grounds that the game goes with heaps of surprising components and will flabbergast you with its intuitiveness. That is on the grounds that the game has an amazing story, and its continuous cooperation won’t stop to dumbfound you. On one level, you will be in a state-of-the-art city fighting with strong robots. In the accompanying, you really want to fight with winged snakes in an old city to overwhelm the match. As of now, in the event that we talk about various pieces of this game, like characters and plans, those are wonderful also. You will, without a doubt, have a few happy times while playing this game.

Puyo CD 2

It is a decent and interesting game, I can say. Moreover, it will make your exhaustion vanish. You need to organize the falling masses in a solicitation with similar tones in this game. Regardless, it is direct and interesting. The game has turned that you will like. Accepting you rule the match, you will not solely get rewards. Nonetheless, your opponents will likewise be repelled. Its plans and various things are extraordinary too.


These are the best PC engine CD games that you should contemplate playing. That is on the grounds that these games will give you lots of tomfooleries.

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