Throw-in bet is one of the types of parameter bets in soccer betting that many people choose. The player’s victory will depend on the throw-ins that appear in that match. So how to catch it? throw-in bet What should you use that is easy to win big? Together New889 blue sports Follow the article below to gain a lot of useful experience when betting.

When should you use throw-in bets?

As said, then throw-in bet It is the start of a football match when the ball has crossed the line on the field. A participating team will be awarded a throw-in when the ball touches any player and flies out of the boundary line along the two fields, on the ground or in space still counted for this bet.

At any time you can choose throw-in bet to bet. In general, this is one of the side bets that you can use to increase your betting winnings if you unfortunately lost bets in previous bets.

Currently, throw-in bet at New88 site is gradually becoming popular. Specifically, in this bet, players can choose to bet with 3 forms. Includes bets on throw-in for the first goal, throw-in handicap bets and over-under bets on throw-in.

Popular types of throw-in bets today

Currently, bookmakers have applied many methods of catching throw-in bet for players to choose from. A typical example is betting throw-in bet First, over/under throw-in, and throw-in handicap. Each type has its own win/loss ratio, you can choose depending on the situation of the match.

Betting on the first throw-in

The player correctly predicts which team will receive the first throw-in in the entire match. It is quite a risky bet, so in fact the payout rates between bets of this type of bet are quite similar, without too much difference.

Bet on the last throw-in team

The player correctly predicts which team will take the last throw-in for the entire match. Betting on the last throw-in is the same as betting on the first throw-in.

Bet on over/under throw-in

The player correctly predicts the total number of throw-ins that will occur in that match, then the player will have 2 betting options: whether the number of throw-ins will be above or below the bet level listed by the bookmaker. Players choose Over to predict the total number of throw-ins above the bookmaker’s bet. Meanwhile, if the player bets under, it will be the opposite.

In a normal soccer match, the throw-in rate listed by the house is usually around 15 goals. This type of bet is used for both the first half and the entire match.

Throw-in handicap

Just like the goal handicap bet, in the throw-in handicap bet the house will divide the 2 teams into the upper team and the lower team. The favorite team will be the team handicapping the lower team with a certain percentage of throw-ins pre-determined by the house, specifically:

A bet on the upper team will win if the throw-in difference compared to the lower team is higher than the handicap given by the bookmaker. And similarly, choosing the team at the bottom will win in the opposite case. But if this difference is equal to the bookmaker’s listed handicap, then you will tie the bet and the house will refund your bet.

Experience in catching throw-in bets

To catch throw-in bet To achieve accuracy and win a hundred matches, in addition to understanding this bet, you need to be equipped with the following very effective playing experiences:

Calculate odds based on match time:Throw-in bet counted for the entire match until a team receives the ball from the touchline, or a draw when that does not happen. You consider the team’s ability to calculate which bet should you place during the match: Win, Loss or Draw.
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For more effective playing experience, you should choose big tournaments and bet on the team you know the most about. In big tournaments, teams often play with 100% of their ability, so the results will be more vivid, giving you a more attractive bet.

When choosing throw-in bet You need to choose a team with good attack and stable performance. This helps you better judge the results and developments of the match, and your throwing rate is also much higher. Maintain a stable mentality when betting, do not bet on the crowd when you do not have analysis or understanding of the team and the match.


New88 hopes that the information we share in this article will help you better understand how to catch throw-in bet. You should rely on your own experience as well as the actual situation in the match to choose the appropriate method. However, keep your mind stable to make the most accurate judgment. Don’t forget to consult the experience of experts New88 to increase your chances of winning big. Wishing you good luck!


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