How to play Baccarat is one thing that you need to understand when participating in this game. This is a simple game but also full of strategy and luck. To be able to win, it is necessary to know the rules of the game, how to calculate points, how to bet and popular strategies. Let 789BETs – the leading reputable bookmaker in Vietnam discover how to play cards in the following article!

1.About the game of Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular betting game, derived from the traditional 3-card scratch card of Vietnam. To participate, it is necessary to use the 52-card West deck. Each bet, the player will place money in one of the betting doors specified by the house.

How to play Baccarat is very simple

After dealing the cards, the Dealer or the dealer will determine the winner based on the total points of the cards. The way to play Baccarat is very simple, relies heavily on luck and also has an attractive bonus rate for players. This is one of the types of betting that cannot be ignored at online casinos.

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2.The most detailed Baccarat game rules

One of the ways to help you play this card game better is to know the rules of the game. So what are the rules of this card game? Let’s find out with the 789BET bookie right here.

2.1Betting doors in Baccarat

In the way of playing Baccarat, bettors only need to choose one of the following three bets to complete their task:

Player Door: Bet on this door if it is predicted that the player will have a higher score than the dealer.

Banker Door: If you believe the dealer will win, place your bet on this door.

Tie: Bet on a tie if the player and dealer’s points are equal.

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Bets in the basic way of playing Baccarat

2.2 Calculating points in how to play Baccarat

To determine the winning hand, the dealer will deal two cards to each hand after the player has finished betting. The door with the closest total score to 9 and higher than the other door wins. Calculating points in how to play Baccarat is quite simple, as follows:

Card A is counted as worth 1 point, regardless of suit.

Cards from 2 to 9 are counted as having a value equal to the number shown on the card, for example a 5-card card is worth 5 points, an 8-card card is worth 8 points.

Cards 10, J, Q, K are worth 10 points

If the total of the cards is greater than 10, only the number of units is counted. Example: 7 + 8 = 15 -> 5 points

2.3 Calculating money if winning bet

When participating in playing Baccarat, players will have the opportunity to receive different bonuses depending on the bet door they choose. This is because, each betting door has a separate payout ratio, which is calculated as follows:

If you choose Player and win, the player will be paid 1:1.

According to the way of playing Baccarat, choosing the Banker door if winning, the player will be paid at the rate of 0.95:1.

If the player wins when betting on Tie, the player will be paid at the ratio of 8: 1.

Thereby, it can be seen that, in the game of Baccarat, the Tie door is the door with the highest payout rate but also the door with the lowest probability because it is rare that the scores of the two bets are equal.

Calculating money if winning bets in how to play Baccarat

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3.Details of the simplest way to play Baccarat online

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First, you have to choose one of three bets: Player, Banker or Tie, based on the probability of winning each hand. Next, the dealer will deal two cards to each hand and the player will know the total score of those two cards.

After that, it will be considered whether any door can receive a third card, depending on the score of the original two cards. Specifically:

According to the way of playing Baccarat, if the Player hand has a score of 0 to 5, an additional card will be drawn. If the score is from 6 to 9, then it will stop at two cards.

For the Banker door, the rules of Baccarat require that the Player’s score be based on the player’s score to decide whether to draw more cards or not. If the dealer has a total of 2 cards from 0 to 2, then 1 more card is required. If the total score is 7 or more, no further withdrawals are allowed. In case the dealer has a total of 3, then the Player’s 3rd card must be considered to make a decision. Whether to draw or not will depend on the value of this card.

In the way of playing Baccarat, once you have determined the scores of the doors, you will compare and see which side has the higher score. The door with the higher score wins and you will get money if you bet on that door.

How to play Baccarat is very simple, if you are a fan of betting and want to try this game, come to 789BET, register an account and join now. We will bring you the best experience!

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