The future of mankind that we see in movies and other works of human imagination has arrived sooner than we thought. This means that today we have different search engines that are smart enough to recognize a user’s needs and things that they want to search. When this is not enough, you can shop and pay for different goods and services without going to the shop or using any other primitive means.

There need of having an advanced payment method to buy goods and services was already there but it was felt more during the COVID-19 outbreak when people were confined in their homes. Going to the bank or to any other place was not less than fatal for many people. So they relied mostly on debit cards and online payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Today, cash is no longer needed to pay for different goods and services. All you need to do is connect to the internet using Ziply Fiber or some other reliable internet service and use tap-to-pay or a digital wallet to make purchases.

But before you start using Google Pay, you should know the different advantages and disadvantages of using Google Pay. This is one of the ways to understand whether or not Google Pay is able to fulfill your shopping needs.

Advantages of Using Google Pay

You Can Set up and Use Google Pay Easily

You can easily install Google Pay on your smartphone or your smartwatch and you just have to make sure that you have enabled NFC or Near-field communication. NFC is used to communicate and carry out transactions between two electronic devices. One of these devices will be your smartphone or your smartwatch. You can check the Settings tab on the phone and see if you have NFC on your phone.

It is also important that your smartphone is one of the recent models that run on at least Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. You can your basic details that include your

Phone Number

Bank Account Number,

Cards including your Reward Cards

You need to enable permissions before getting started

In the year 2020, Google relaunched Google Pay. Google Pay became a very versatile financial tool that can be used to pay for your online store, and shop payments. Also, you can pay for your restaurant bills, ticket bookings, and other transactions. Apart from that, you can connect to your bank account. However, this mode of payment in other countries

It Provides Users With High-end Security

Google Pay is designed to provide users with high-level security to make sure that their money never gets misused or stolen. The best thing about the app is that your credit card number is not saved by anyone else. Another good thing about this tool is that all the data is stored in Google’s secure servers and all users are provided a temporary virtual card.

You Only Need To Carry Your Smartphone or Smartwatch

If you carry your smartphone or smartwatch with you, there is no problem at all. Simply you can look out for stores or supermarkets that can accept Google Pay options and make purchases with a few clicks. The retailers accepting Google Pay are increasing. They are more in urban areas so that you can make transactions without any hassle.

Google Pay Is Free

Google Pay is free to use for vendors and customers. The vendors might charge you with a credit card surcharge. This can be applied to any card-based transaction. All of these charges are not charged by Google Pay.

Now that you know all the good things about Google Pay, there are some cons to this payment method as well.

You Might Not Get the Same Effective Results On Every Phone

It is obvious that not all smartphones are the same as far as their functions are concerned and so are their specifications. However, all modern phones are equipped with NFC. So if you have an older phone, you might need to check if they have an NFC function on it for Google Pay. Google Pay needs NFC to send your transaction data to a payment terminal.

Google Is Not Always Accepted As Yet

Google Pay can be used in almost all stores and online shopping portals and websites. But you cannot go around without taking your card or a bit of cash. One of the reasons is that you might not be able to use Google Pay everywhere for now. This might be the case if you are heading to the market, or you live in a rural area. Also, if you are living in a remote area, you might not be able to use Google Pay because you might not find internet connectivity around these areas.

Many People Have Concerns about Data Privacy

Google Pay and many other mobile payment mechanisms always have a track record of all the transactions that are made through them. This has always been a point of concern for a lot of people. However, the level of security provided by Google Pay is very high and above all Google doesn’t store banking details on the app. This means that no information about any user’s details can be misused or acquired.

Google Pay keeps a track of purchases, and different transaction history are saved in Google. There are ways to delete your transaction history

You Might Need to Depend on Using Your Smartphone or Smartwatch

Google Pay is directly connected to your smartphone and mobile app and you have to make payments through these smart devices. You might get into trouble if you do not have a network connection on your phone. So make sure that you have a backup if you are shopping when you have lost your phone, when you are out of range of your phone, or your phone is out of charging. Therefore, in short, you might not be able to make your payments without having a phone that works.


In the end, one can say that Google Pay is not only a convenient way of making payments but is also a very secure way to make transactions. There are so many stores and supermarkets that use Google Pay to make payments easy and to take a step ahead in the financial industry. Give Google Pay a try and use it to pay at stores that accept Google Pay payments.


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